Victor Doval is a freelance architect and designer from Valencia, Spain. He uses Processing to create the art that he uploads on Tumblr as lightprocesses.

The “leitmotif” of my work is to enlight the hidden geometries within life empowering a view of the environment where everything is just a window of the global message, and any observer a creator of it.”

- Victor Doval



东西东西 (East West Thing) Selfie, Beijing, China. 2014

A collaborative project by Michelle Proksell and Ophelia S. Chan -

Both Michelle (Saudi-Born American) and Ophelia (Hong Kong born Chinese) are exploring the East West Divide through the character 东西东西 (Dōngxī dōngxī) - which literally translates to “East West Thing” or “Something Something”

Both artists are based in Beijing, China.

(via internetsmiternet)

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