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Call for Processing Collab Submissions


Hello fellow Processingers? Processingians? Processionados?

Throughout October, I will accept entries to this Processing Collaboration. Early November I will sync up all submissions and post the result, also linking to all participant’s entries.

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A DIY international digital art biennale in Wroclaw, Poland, that uses NFC tags for accessing content with your smartphone. Developed by dominikpodsiadly, these tags appear in various locations around the city, a lo-fi combination of net-art and street art:

The “#nfcdab” festival displays various aspects of digital art that use internet means of expressions, which have become increasingly available with the development of mobile devices.
The festival will initiate a cycle of experimental exhibitions, in which artists’ works will be distributed via NFC tags based on the Near Field Communications system. Just approach a mobile equipped with a NFC reader to them to download data recorded as a www address or display a short message on the screen. With absolute minimalism of the form of presentation and a small price of NFC tags, virtually anyone can materialise their own idea or message. Such exhibition model derives from the DIY idea, it promotes independence and offers an opportunity to easily share culture in any place and time.
 ….During festival exhibitions we will see accomplishments of extremely interesting artists from several countries worldwide, who submitted their works in an open call run on Tumblr and Facebook internet portals.

There will also be an exhibition on the local tram services:

"From A to B & Back Again"
H. 13.12-TRAM “House of Europe”, UL. View 1-3

In the trains (trams): lines 33, 32 and 31, you will find 100 NFC tags and QR codes, arranged in one wagon. This is the project “From A to B & Back Again”, prepared by Zsolt Mesterhazy, from the Dutch Foundation BrowserBased, in cooperation with the City of Wroclaw and Communication Company NFCW Project. This exposure will be on display in these trains throughout the duration of the Festival.

The nfcwproject event has a Tumblr blog here and a Facebook page here

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Inside the www.WHIT3CU.be | Open Call →
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Holly Herndon — “HOME” — still, 2014"The definitive NSA breakup anthem"Music by Holly HerndonVideo directed and designed by MetahavenRVNG Intl. 


Holly Herndon — “HOME” — still, 2014
"The definitive NSA breakup anthem"
Music by Holly Herndon
Video directed and designed by Metahaven
RVNG Intl. 

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good morning have you seen my drone?


good morning have you seen my drone?

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Creative Coding workshop at ASCII, 15- 17 Sept. 2014. more info here.

Love to see that Processing is becoming popular in other places of the world as well! And yay for female coders, especially there. Gives me hope :)

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